Education Institution Consulting

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Educational Institutions often need help in business development, from the planning of their service and product lines to gaining market share. This is where an education institute consultant comes in handy – helping educational institutions to become more successful by providing them with professional advice and assistance.

Through our pan-India network of educational consultants, we are able to help all kinds of educational institutions, especially schools, professional colleges & coaching institutions in their business development. We assist them in developing the right marketing strategy, finding the right partners to work with (especially when it comes to recruitment) and implementing their business plan.

What we do

Guten UI Kit

Lead Generation

Generate Leads/prospective clients for our customers.

Online Investment

Digital Assets Creation

In this digital age we not only require physical assets but digital assets play a very significant role in generating business. We help to make digital assets for our clientele.

Processes Automation

Processes play a very vital role in the success of any organisation. We help to fine-tune all processes concerning business.

PPC Advertising

Manpower Solutions

We help to provide the required manpower at very nominal rates.

Hosting Service

Network Development

In this information age NETWORK is NETWORTH. Thus helping to develop a network at the right places through our connections.

Digital Marketing

Students placements

The placement of students is the only criterion of success of any educational institution. we help our clients in placing students depending on their aptitudes and potentials.


A Satisfied Customer is the Best Strategy


“The consulting house helped us immensely in getting quality Leads”

S Palu

COO, Green Academy Inc.


“Got help in performance marketing from CG team, able to convert good nos for my institution.”

Kim Kher

Jana Edutech


“Their experiences in handling customers is outstanding, in practice, they provide support24*7”

Shova. V

Founder, Natural Glow Academy


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