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100% Job Placement Services

100% support for job placement

Our placement team tries to ensure that all of our pass-out students are placed in jobs where they can use the skills they’ve gained. In order to do this, we make sure that every student is well trained for the job market by maintaining a class environment which allows them to develop use cases or present their final dissertation in front of an experienced panel from the industry.

We also sponsor a grading system where students receive marks based on how well they perform on practice cases and provide feedback. By taking this path to completion, students have ample opportunity to test themselves in a realistic environment while still getting their diplomas on time! 100% job placement is guaranteed.

Remember that we are here to support you if you need help finding a company to work with, although you will have some very relevant skills and experience to show off if you set yourself up with one of the companies that we have helped our students find.