Unlocking Your Potential With A Strong Resume

A Wellcrafted Resume Highlights Your Skills

Make Sure Your Resume Highlights The Skills And Experience The Employer Is Looking For

Dont Use Jargon Or Buzzwords Because Theyre Hard To Read And Understand

Bullet Points Can Be Used To Break Up Long Paragraphs And Make Your Resume More Visually Appealing

Instead Of Listing Your Job Duties Focus On How They Benefited Your Previous Employers

Use Numbers And Statistics To Show The Impact Of Your Work

Managed Implemented And Improved Are Words That Help Show That Youre A Resultsdriven Candidate

This Should Be A Brief Summary Of Your Skills And Experience

Make Sure You Include The Most Important Information In Your Resume

Make Sure Your Resume Is Easy To Read By Using Basic Fonts Like Arial Or Times New Roman

Make Sure You Read The Fine Print Before You Submit Your Resume