Top 5 Emerging Career Opportunities For Freshers In 2023

30 Jun 2023 14:00 By: Pooja Singh Top 5 Emerging Career Opportunities For Freshers In 2023-24

Blockchain As More Companies And Startups Use This Technology To Streamline Operations And Boost Security There Is An Increase In Demand For Blockchain Expertise In India.

According To Nasscom The Blockchain Sector In India Is Predicted To Grow At A Rate Of 35% By 2025 Offering Enormous Potential For Job Creation.

Digital Marketing Projections For Job Growth In The Digital Marketing Sector In India Have Significantly Increased.

The Indian Digital Advertising Market Is Anticipated To Increase At A Compound Annual Growth Rate Of 32% To Rs 539.5 Billion ($7.1 Billion) By 2024 According To Kpmg. This Suggests That There Is A Growing Need For Qualified Individuals With Experience In Digital Marketing.

Cybersecurity The Need For Specialists In This Field Is Exploding As A Direct Result Of The Growing Number Of Cyberattacks That Are Being Launched Against Organisations And People.

Students Entering The Workforce For The First Time With A Foundation In Computer Science Or Cybersecurity May Choose To Investigate Opportunities In Security Analysis Penetration Testing Threat Intelligence Or Security Architecture.

Artificial Intelligence (Ai) And Machine Learning (Ml) Ai And Ml Technologies Continue To Advance And Transform Various Aspects Of Industries Such As Healthcare Finance Transportation And Customer Service.

​Freshers With A Degree In Computer Science Or Data Analytics May Find Positions In Developing Ai Algorithms Implementing Ml Models Or Analyzing Big Data Sets.

Remember That This Is Not A Comprehensive Or Final List And That New Fields Could Develop In The Upcoming Years. Notably A Degree Is Not The Only Prerequisite For A Profession In Any Of These Fields.

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