Top 10 Customer Service Skills For Your Resume

Customer Service Skills For Resume By Resumekraft Top 10

The Ability To Remain Calm And Collected In Difficult Customer Service Situations. Patience

The Ability To See Things From The Customer’S Perspective And Understand Their Needs. Empathy

The Ability To Be Adaptable And Adjust To Different Customer Service Scenarios. Flexibility

The Ability To Effectively Communicate With Customers Both Verbally And In Writing. Communication

The Ability To Quickly And Efficiently Resolve Customer Service Issues. Problem-Solving

The Ability To Keep Track Of Multiple Customer Service Requests And Prioritize Them Accordingly. Patience

The Ability To Manage One’S Time Efficiently In Order To Meet Deadlines And Keep Customers Satisfied. Time Management

The Ability To Make Sound Decisions In Customer Service Situations In Order To Resolve Issues Effectively. Decision-Making

The Ability To Remain Calm And Composure Under Pressure And In High-Stress Customer Service Situations. Stress Management

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