Revolutionize Your Studies with This Game-Changing Technique

Top students swear by this revision strategy

Combat forgetting with the 2-3-5-7 method. This spaced repetition technique reinforces memory by revisiting concepts at increasing intervals, helping transition them from short-term to long-term memory.


Combat the forgetting curve

Start with your exam date and schedule study sessions backward, placing reviews at specific intervals for optimal retention.


Plan like a pro: 

Start with a general overview to identify key concepts and areas needing more focus.


Initial exploration (7 days before): 

Revisit material from your first review to reinforce core concepts. image source


Solidify the foundation (5 days before): 

Focus on a deeper understanding of the material to grasp its intricacies.


Deepen your knowledge (3 days before): 

Avoid cramming. Use this session for a light review to refresh your memory and keep information accessible...

Keep it fresh (2 days before): 

 Avoid passive re-reading. Test yourself by recalling information without notes to strengthen memory and retrieval.


Active recall is key:

 The 2-3-5-7 schedule is a guideline. Adjust intervals based on subject complexity and your learning style.


Adapt to your needs:

 This method complements other techniques. Use flashcards for key facts and practice questions to reinforce concepts.


Boost your studying:

Identify challenging topics and schedule more frequent reviews for them. Maximize exam preparation by spending extra time on areas needing focus.


Focus on your weaknesses: 

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