How To Negotiate A Job Offer

If Youve Been Extended A Job Offer The Next Step Is To Negotiate The Offer

Know What The Going Rate Is For Your Position

Determine Your Worth By Taking Your Skills Experience And Education Into Account

Dont Be Afraid To Ask Because You Are Serving To Receive

You Should Be Able To Negotiate A Fair Salary And Benefits Package

Before You Accept The Offer Take Your Time And Make Sure Youre Happy With It

We Should Ask Ourselves Why The Price Cannot Be Raised Higher When People Say The Market Will Only Bear So Much

You May Need To Look Elsewhere If The Employer Isnt Willing To Meet Your Needs

Before You Accept An Offer Make Sure You Get The Offer In Writing

They Might Say Yes But What If We Fail

Expressing Your Gratitude Doesnt Mean Paying Back Their Help And Support But It Can Really Boost Your Relationship With People

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