Chandrayaan 3 Launch

In Focus Chandrayaan 3 Launch Has 6 Key Points

The Indian Space Research Organisation Launched Its Third Mission To The Moon On July 14

India Will Become The Fourth Country After The United States Russia And China If The Mission Is Successful

Here Are Six Key Points To Know About Indias Chandrayaan 3 Mission

The Journey From Earth To The Moon Is Expected To Take Around A Month

It Will Function For One Lunar Day Which Is About 14 Earth Days

The Spacecraft Was Launched On A Heavylift Launch Vehicle

There Is A Propulsion Module Lander And Rover In Chandrayaan 3

According To Isro The Mission Has Robust Measures To Ensure A Successful Landing Even In The Event Of Component Failures

The Chandrayaan2 Mission Isro Lost Contact Due To A Software Glitch

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